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CRIPT (the Community Resource for Innovation in Polymer Technology) is a web-based platform for capturing and sharing polymer data. In addition to a user interface, CRIPT enables programmatic access to the platform through the CRIPT Python SDK, which interfaces with a REST API.

CRIPT offers multiple options to upload data, and scientists can pick the method that best suits them. Using the SDK to upload is a great choice if you have a large amount of data, stored it in an unconventional way, and know some python programming. You can easily use a library such as Pandas or Numpy to parse your data, create the needed CRIPT objects/nodes and upload them into CRIPT.

Another great option can be the Excel Uploader for scientists that do not have past Python experience or would rather easily input their data into the CRIPT Excel Template.


CRIPT Availability

Currently, CRIPT is only available for users in the USA, and it is equipped with geo-blocking functionality that restricts access for users outside the USA.

We are diligently working towards making CRIPT accessible worldwide. We appreciate your patience as we strive to achieve this goal!


CRIPT Resources