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CRIPT Excel Uploader


Follow these steps

  1. Login or Signup for the CRIPT platform
  2. Create a Project inside the CRIPT platform
    • A Project can be thought of as a bunch of folders each containing experiments that contribute to a single project
    • Essentially, the project can be thought of as a folder that holds Collection nodes
    • A Project is needed because each Collection belongs inside of a Project
  3. Create a Collection inside the CRIPT platform
    • A Collection can be thought of as a binder filled with experiments
    • The entire Excel file will become a collection within the CRIPT Platform
  4. Download the CRIPT Excel Template
    • The CRIPT Excel Template can be used to directly record data in the file
    • The CRIPT Excel Template contains formulas and validations that makes recording data much easier
    • The CRIPT Example Excel Template can serve as an example Excel file for users to see the overall flow and structure of the Excel file
  5. Input your data into the CRIPT Excel template
  6. Download the latest CRIPT Excel Uploader executable
    • Please visit the Excel Uploader Downloads
    • The best place that can guarantee the latest version of the Excel uploader is always on our GitHub, under the latest released assets
  7. Run CRIPT Excel Uploader