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CRIPT Installation Guide

How to Install CRIPT


This page will give you a through guide on how to install the CRIPT Python SDK on your system.


  1. Install Python 3.8+
  2. Create a virtual environment

    It is best practice to create a dedicated python virtual environment for each python project

    python -m venv .\venv
    python3 -m venv ./venv
  3. Activate your virtual environment

    source venv/bin/activate
  4. Install CRIPT from Python Package Index (PyPI)

     pip install cript

  5. Create your CRIPT Script!
Install Package From our GitHub

Please note that it is also possible to install this package from our GitHub.

Formula: pip install git+[repository URL]@[branch or tag]

Install from Main: pip install git+

or to download the latest in development code pip install git+